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W88 Archives: My 5 Star Customer Service Experience

Playing live casino games, slot games, poker or betting on sports books can be very tiresome and alluring at the same time. Knowing all the information prior to playing a W88 game is provided on the website. For newcomers and aspiring members, knowing more than what’s on paper is necessary before signing away your personal […] Continue reading →

Promotion Update: Baccarat Playing Bonus in W88

The best thing about playing online games is the constant promotions and prizes players win. Upon signing up, members are given welcome bonuses and other promotions to claim once they have played enough to accumulate winning prizes. W88 never fails to give its members promotions to claim every season whether its Christmas season or Chinese […] Continue reading →

W88 Rebate Promotion: Instant and Weekly Payout Up to 1.0%

Rebates at W88 1 Online casinos are constantly upgrading and rebooting their automated structures to give way to more leisure players online. The competition between land-based casinos and online virtual casinos continue to grow in the gambling industry. Casino gaming at W88 ensures its users with maximum satisfaction through their rebates among other promotions. Aside from welcome bonuses and […] Continue reading →