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Strategies and Tips to Remember When Playing Keno

kenotips&strategies2 Draw games like lottery and keno are popular among several gamblers. It highly corresponds to luck and chance where even the player cannot control the generated outcome. What makes Keno different from other casino and draw games is that it offers bigger jackpots. This essentially means that the less you bet on the maximum total […] Continue reading →

How Does the RNG Come to Play in Keno?

kenorng2 Keno, like other draw and lottery games are highly dependent on chance. Bettors choose the “Spots” or numbers they believe are potential winners. The numbers range from 1-80 along with clusters of number variations from big and small, to even and odd, among others. Make sure you understand the role Random Number Generators (RNG) play […] Continue reading →

How Does Online Keno Work?

kenotutorial8 Keno is a popular draw game for people who love to gamble and try their luck. The game in itself seems simpler rather than explaining its dynamics. All the players have to do is to pick a set of numbers making it a rather simple game to play. Depending on which numbers are drawn will […] Continue reading →

Sports Betting 101: What are Sport Books?   In the world of sports betting, Sports books are a natural norm.  Whenever there are sports, expect that they are also in the picture. Sports Book is a place or company where people place bets (money) on sports such as Foot Ball, Golf, Tennis, Basket Ball, Hockey, Boxing and many others to win. Sports […] Continue reading →