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What Happened On English Premier League Opening Day 3

What Happened On English Premier League (EPL) Opening Day 3 As everyone knows, the 2020-2021 English Premier League (EPL) season kicked-off this September. It has been three days since the season’s Opening Days and here are the results of the two games that happened last fourteenth of Sept, Monday. 2 goals by Wolves and 0 at Sheffield United At September 14, the Wolverhampton Wanderers FC […] Continue reading →

Cesc Fabregas’ Case for “Proper Passion”

Spanish professional footballer Cesc Fabregas has expressed his sentiments about the Chelsea and Arsenal clash back in the 2007 Carling Cup. The 33-year-old central midfielder admitted that he felt his performances were most challenging yet most motivating during feisty encounters. The Blues’ 2-1 victory over the Gunners during the League Cup that took place 13 […] Continue reading →

Erik ten Hag Confirms Andre Onana’s Possible Departure

Ajax’ manager, Erik ten Hag has recently confirmed that his goalkeeper, Andre Onana will be up for a trade but only ‘at the right price’ this summer. The 24-year-old has been with Ajax since the 2018-2019 season where he transferred from Barcelona academy who made a fantastic play during the Champions League semi-finals of the […] Continue reading →

Cancellation of Champions League and Europa League Could Be Next According to UEFA President

With COVID-19 slowing the football industry and several other sporting events and tournaments on hold or postponed, it’s inevitable that the UEAFA President, Aleksander Cefarin tells people to prepare for the eventual suspension of Champions League and Europa League. If the global pandemic continues to worsen in the next few months, restrictions and cancelations will […] Continue reading →