Play like a Pro: Fish Prawn Crab Dice Game

Lottery at w88 is filled with new games that continue to get players excited to try out. There’s a bunch of interactive lotto games apart from just the most popular, Keno, and a few of that include Lucky Derby, GPI Lottery, and Fish Prawn Crab Scratch to Win. This new addition to the w88 lottery game is the Fish Prawn Crab, similar to the former but more of a dice game that a scratch game. The objective is simple, players just have to predict the three dice roll and place their bets before the draw takes place by the interactive dealer. Below are the terms and conditions to see how simple and fun this game is.

3 Steps on How to Play a W88 Lottery Fish Prawn Crab Dice Game

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STEP 1: Select Lottery in the menu bar and click Fish Prawn Crab (Try)

A first time player in w88 lottery should navigate their way to this platform by clicking on Lottery then selecting “Try” on the Fish Prawn Crab game. The player will be directed to another page where they can select more betting options.

STEP 2: Select your preferred buy-in amount or betting range

Once redirected, players can select their preferred betting amount of choice, depending on how much they wish to spend in this game. Since this is on trial mode, players can choose any betting amount and will be playing in US Dollar instead of their account’s registered currency, which will apply once they play with real money.

STEP 3: Bet on the best three dice combination to win!

Fish Prawn Crab dice game has a simple objective where players will have to guess which combination will come up once the dealer releases the dice from the pot. Fish Prawn Crab is a very popular dice game that using three dices with the symbols on the faces. Based on different regions, the symbols may face can be varied with three main faces on the symbol are Fish Prawn and Crab.

How to Play:

  • At the start of the round, board table display bet option for the player to choose.
  • The dish will shake and the player to predict the result.
  • Place a bet on any of the bet types before the timer runs out.
  • At the end of the draw, the bowl will be lifted up to reveal the three dice result.
  • If the results match, the player wins.


Once you’re done confirming bets, wait for the draw to take place to see the results which will pop up on a small window.

Fish Prawn Crab – Dice Game

Lottery games at w88 are simple, quick, and easy to learn, giving players the leeway to bet on their favorite games of choosing. W88 tutorials are also accessible to all members to further understand the process of placing wagers in live casino games, slot games, lottery games, and sportsbooks with superb video tutorials for guidance. Placing wagers on Fish Prawn Scratch and Win at w88 lottery is a sure-fire way of getting that quick win and gaming fix in just a tap of a button.

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