Liverpool FC: Premier League Champions – Won After 30 Years

Liverpool FC: Premier League Champions – Won After 30 Years

It is confirmed! It is all over the news! Liverpool FC Premier League Champions! Crowned to be the Premier League champions this 2020, Liverpool Football Club has finally ended their 30-year wait after Manchester City lost versus Chelsea 2-1 at Stamford Bridge.

Despite the global pandemic, thousands of fans in face masks gathered at Anfield and celebrated the top-flight win of Liverpool FC Premier League Champions in world history. This feat then became the 19th title of Liverpool FC under their name.

Liverpool FC: Premier League Champions – Won After 30 Years

Liverpool has broken almost all sorts and every aspect of football records during this time of an unforgettable campaign. Liverpool FC Premier League Champions has actually set together an amazing, record-equaling run of 18 consecutive wins since October 2019 until this year’s February. In addition, they successively won every league match at home for this season. This is the reason why they made it a record 23 on the bounce. Liverpool also acquired a record of 44 matches with no defeat back to last season — proving their road to championship.

Jurgen Klopp’s, Liverpool’s hero and champ, took the Reds up high in order to achieve this record-breaking season. Pivoting the Liverpool FC team towards the top title ever since, Klopp has helped with the Liverpool’s improvement on style, play, and results especially in this memorable win.

Liverpool FC: Premier League Champions – Won After 30 Years

As Klopp told Sky Sports, “I have no words, it’s unbelievable.” Still shocked with the win, he uttered, “It’s much more than I ever thought would be possible, becoming champion with this club is absolutely incredible.”

Liverpool FC goal through and soar the highest during the exciting season of Premier League. Liverpool FC Premier League Champions has been trending since its win and everyone seems happy about it. This is because the team really deserves it.

Liverpool FC: Premier League Champions – Won After 30 Years

“I haven’t waited 30 years, I have been here for four-and-a-half years, but it is quite an achievement, especially with the three-month break because nobody knew if we could go on,” Jurgen said. He also added, “I know it is difficult for people in [at] this moment but we could not hold back. We will enjoy this with our supporters when we can.”

Indeed, this is a record-breaking season for the team, Premier League, and the fans. It has been a long yet wonderful journey for Liverpool and as much as they want to triumph with their fans right now, the supporters need to wait for a while as the Premier League has still been advised to play behind closed doors.

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