W88 Deposit – Easy & Quickpay – Bank Transfers & Neteller

W88 deposit is just so easy if you know the right steps! Learn the W88 easy and quick payment modes in 2022 through bank transfers & Neteller from this article!

W88 Deposit – Easy & Quick Payments

Online Gambling can definitely be more at ease with online casinos and arcades roaming the internet. Players all over the world won’t have to go to land-based casinos and actual arcades to maximize their leisure time.

Playing on W88 provides ease and efficiency to all website visitors in the early phases of their exploration.

W88 Deposit - Easy & Quickpay - Bank Transfers & Neteller

W88 Malaysia has covered the process on how to register a W88 account and how to contact customer service in previous articles.

This post is for individuals who are eager to play and explore the gaming choices available on W88. It will show the player the ways in which they can deposit money to their W88 accounts to begin playing. There are two ways the player can deposit money, either through Bank Transfer or Neteller.

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3 Steps When Depositing Via Bank Transfer

Step 1: Select Deposit from the “Funds $” button

The user may begin depositing money into their W88 account after entering their banking information on their profile page. The user will notice the “Funds $” button in blue next to their username in the upper right-hand corner of the website.

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W88 Deposit - Easy & Quickpay - Bank Transfers & Neteller

Step 2: Fund Management

After that, the user will be sent to the Funds Management page, where they should pick the “Deposit” tab. The user will be shown the various games they may purchase, along with their corresponding prices.

W88 Deposit Process 2

Step 3: Fill in and Submit W88 Deposit Slip 

They will be requested to fill in the following banking details after selecting their favorite game. This information comprises the user’s selected currency and the sort of transaction they want to make, which is a “Deposit.” Various banking methods and their minimum to the maximum amount of W88 deposit also appear on this page.

Bank Details currency

Next, the user will have to fill in W88’s online deposit slip. They must input the exact amount for the W88 deposit and select which bank account they will use.

The user can also choose a specific time to W88 deposit. They must also choose their preferred banking method for this transaction. A reference ID is optional and does not require the user to fill in.

W88 Deposit Process 5

The user may examine their completed transaction in the Transaction History after clicking “Deposit.”

W88 DepositProcess Success

NOTE: Before doing anything else, the user must first connect to their account and complete their profile page with their financial information.

Bank partners of W88 include the following:

  • Maybank
  • CIMB Bank
  • Public Bank
  • RHB Bank
  • HongLeong Bank
  • AmBank

W88 Deposit Process Initial

Alternative Option: W88 Deposit Via Neteller

Follow the initial steps as mentioned in Step 1 of Depositing via Bank Teller at W88. Once the user has accessed the page from the “Funds $” button, they will need to select their game of preference.

W88 Deposit Process 2

The user will need to input information like the exact amount, their Neteller Account, and Neteller Password. Click “Deposit” on the bottom to proceed with the confirmation, then click “OK”.

W88 Deposit Process 10

W88 Deposit Process 11

After submitting the online deposit slip at W88, the user will then be able to see the completion of their transaction through the W88 deposit/withdrawal history.

W88 Deposit Process 12

4 Mistakes Newbie Should Avoid When W88 Depositing

Now that you know everything about W88 Deposit, you must now know the 4 mistakes that newbies usually commit when W88 Depositing. 

Since we are talking about money, please do avoid these four things below when making a W88 Deposit. These are not just reminders, but also great tips for everyone for a successful W88 Deposit.

W88 Deposit - Easy & Quickpay - Bank Transfers & Neteller

1. Incorrect Account Name

One of the mistakes that newbies usually do? Inputting incorrect account name!

Make sure to put your correct account name in W88 and the bank slip for a faster W88 deposit. The bank account name and your W88 name must be the same. Remember, your name is a validation of identity. This is why it is important to use your real name and not just nickname in your W88 account.

W88 Deposit - Easy & Quickpay - Bank Transfers & Neteller

2. Mistyped Account Number

Another mistake the newbies do: mistyping their account numbers.

It is important to put your correct account number to avoid hassles. If ever you placed a wrong account number, there is a higher chance your W88 deposit would not appear in your W88 account. Ensure that you input your owned account number correctly for easier W88 deposit processes.

W88 Deposit - Easy & Quickpay - Bank Transfers & Neteller

3. Careless Transactions History

Choosing between banks and electronic transfers is also important in W88 Deposit.

When doing the bank transactions for W88 Deposit, make sure that it is your trusted bank, so you would not be scammed. As for e-transfers like Neteller, Quickpay W88, Wepay, and more, please ensure your online transactions to avoid hackers.

W88 Deposit - Easy & Quickpay - Bank Transfers & Neteller

Newbies are usually careless in transactions and W88 would not account for the money that you would lose if ever. W88 always reminds its members about its security and privacy policies, so make sure that you are at least responsible for your transactions history like W88 Deposit and/or withdrawals.

4. Insufficient Amount

One more mistake that newbies do whenever they W88 Deposit is placing an insufficient amount in their W88 wallet. Yes, this is considered a mistake! Why? Scroll a bit more.

W88 Deposit - Easy & Quickpay - Bank Transfers & Neteller

W88 Deposit involves banking and other e-transfers like Neteller, right! So! Make sure to deposit enough amount in W88, so your games would not be left hanging. Place your W88 deposit that would suffice your gaming capacity and your gaming desires. 

Of course, you don’t want to put your luck on hold simply because you don’t have enough money! Ensure that you have enough money in your W88 wallet, so you would have uninterrupted gaming. Thus, winning!

Quick, Easy, and Convenient!

W88 deposits make online gaming much easier and more simple for leisure enthusiasts. In traditional casinos, gamers must still wait in lines and spend more time on transactions. Gambling and online arcading are now available to everybody, straight from their own homes, thanks to W88.

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