8 Memes that Describe the Perils of Anxiety

Mental health has been a buzz word for quite a while now but, it’s actually a priority many people should start putting on top of their lists. Mental health disorders like depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety are commonly experienced by many young people today. The millennial generation has taken the bold step of recognizing the […] Continue reading →

10 Types of Makeup Junkies We All Know

Makeup has evolved throughout the years from tools that accentuate the face, to a completely new art form. There’s a huge sense of demand when it comes to makeup as it is a $532 billion industry that continues to rule retail. Women and men are both constantly catching up with the ongoing and drastically changing […] Continue reading →

9 Memes on What Getting Sick is like

There are days when you just wake up and you’re weak and phlegmy. That’s never a good combination, whether you caught the flu from someone at work, got a fever because your body is telling you to slow down, it’s never a good day to give in to physical exhaustion. Taking it easy and resting […] Continue reading →

8 Memes that Describe Unproductive Work Days

Staying productive at work can be a challenge and finding the right routine to get things done in the office is tricky. However, taking breaks and finding balance in getting things done and staying mentally focused is the best way to handle the stress. Sometimes, the best way to deal with distractions is to take […] Continue reading →

10 Memes on the Struggles of Back Pain

Pain from excessive movement or muscle strains is common body issues people go through on the daily. Lowe back pain is not something that just pops up when we’re in our sixties, it develops over time and when we’re sitting in our desk job 8 hours a day, the stakes are higher for young people. […] Continue reading →