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10 Memes that Depict the Perils of Rejection

Rejection is a common experience for many people and it’s never really a pleasant one at that. Usually, being rejected by a person or an institution has the tendency to take a toll on their emotional stance. It’s not easy witnessing or experiencing rejection because it makes people doubt their worth as individuals, especially for […] Continue reading →

12 Memes that Depict the Reality of Traveling

Travel is a privilege not a lot of people have, whether it’s for work or for pleasure, traveling has a lot of possibilities. Aside from the pros, there are also cons to traveling from one place to another. Vacations and trips all involve three of the same things; packing, flying, and getting lost. These three […] Continue reading →

12 Celebrities Edited with No Eye Brows

The last few years have proven that eyebrows are the most notorious part of defining one’s face. The eyebrow trend has changed throughout time, from pencil thin brows to bushy brows. Eyebrows do a great deal for the symmetry of our faces and help in shaping our faces a certain way. Imagine the most renowned […] Continue reading →

5 Gorgeous Filipina Beauty Queens

The Philippines has been conquering beauty pageants for quite some time now. Placing as runner ups, finalists or winning the crown altogether are the only options Filipina beauty queens are used to by now. The manner in which Filipinas project themselves have a huge effect on beauty pageants. It’s probably in the way they walk, […] Continue reading →

15 Victoria’s Secret Models that Never Fail to Please

Every year, the biggest lingerie brand in the world, Victoria’s Secret hosts a worldwide televised fashion show. What makes Victoria’s Secret unique in its element are their models. Victoria’s Secret Angels come from different parts of the world. They are a brand that pioneers diversity and cultural pride in mainstream media. Not only do they […] Continue reading →

Lovi Poe: Hottest Woman in Philippine Show Business

lovipoe4 The Philippines is crawling with beautiful women everywhere. In Philippine show business, several gorgeous ladies are consistently making a mark in the industry. One of these icons includes Lovi Poe. She is the daughter of the late and renowned Filipino action star, Fernando Poe Jr. who also ran for the Philippine presidential seat in the […] Continue reading →

10 Cake Designs that are an Ultimate Fail

cakefails5 Birthdays  or celebratory occassions always demand cake. Big cakes made with grandeur are a crowd favorite with several people, child or adult. Cakes are tricky to make since it requires a whole lot of detail and precision in design. Whether it’s a customize cake or a home-made cake, making mistakes is inevitable. Other times, it […] Continue reading →