12 Memes that Depict the Reality of Traveling

Travel is a privilege not a lot of people have, whether it’s for work or for pleasure, traveling has a lot of possibilities. Aside from the pros, there are also cons to traveling from one place to another. Vacations and trips all involve three of the same things; packing, flying, and getting lost. These three elements basically make up any travel because they are all involved no matter what trip you’re going on.

You can be booking a trip to Bali or flying to Prague for a convention; either way, you will need to book a ticket, pack a bag, and one way or another find yourself lost at least once during your trip. There are so many realities in traveling people don’t often tell you, below are twelve relatable memes on traveling you must know if you’ve traveled at least once.

12 True to Life Memes on Travelling

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Upgrades can take quite the toll on you…

When one photo isn’t enough to update people on your life…

When checking in doesn’t help your seat situation…

When 7kg of luggage isn’t enough for a few days away…

Overnight flights, am I right???

Coming to the airport naked would’ve been easier….

The number one enemy of a light sleeper… a crying baby on board!

Language barrier


When you spend all your money on traveling

When the place and culture you came from just stays with you…

When the excitement slowly starts to sink in…

Exploring the food scene can be tiring…

Travelling is Always Good

Making the most out of every opportunity to travel is utmost important. Maximizing every experience, even the infuriating ones in the airport or the airplane counts. Keep an open mind, look forward to new experiences and just embrace what every new place has to offer. Until your next trip, safe travels!

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12 Memes that Depict the Reality of Traveling
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