Terms You Need To Know When Playing Poker

Alright, you’re already fascinated with how Poker works. It’s amazing, it’s thrilling, it’s a game of luck—and you want to level up your betting and playing skills onto a next level.  But before you play poker online on w88 or going out to your nearest casino and try your luck with it—you might want to know these Poker Terms to help you start mastering the game and practice your game at w88

The Poker Table



This is the where the game’s community cards are settled.


It is your money/chips to play poker.



            It’s where all the money of a player has been bet in a hand.


Pott Odds:

            It’s the game’s mathematical computation monitoring if your hand is improving. It’s also the size of the bet you must call and the money in the pot.

Side Pot

This is another pot made to for one player if two or more players are still betting.


It’s the amount of a card room taken from each pot. It usually has an upper limit percentage.

Short Stacked:

It’s the smallest chip stacks at the table.


Seat Charge:

            It’s the amount of money some card rooms charge usually per hour when playing for an additional place of, or a rake.


It’s the set of amounts that can be bet.

Expected Value:

It’s the average amount you can win when betting on the same betting scenario for a couple of times.


Community Cards:

It is the cards that were placed in the center of the table and is shared by all players.


Hole Cards:    

It’s the first cards given or dealt to you which your opponents can’t see.

Over Card:

It’s the card that is higher than any cards. They are even higher than your hole cards.


It’s when two cards are in the same rank (like two queens).


It’s the four of a kind aces, which also means four aces.


It’s what you call the three Jacks.


            It’s what you call the three queens

Wired Pair:

            You call it a wired pair of your hole cards has a pair.


It’s what you call the cards of the same suit (like 4 and 7).


It’s the cards that can come that will enhance your hand.

Middle Pair:

To have the second highest pair card on the board.



It’s what you call your cards and betting side in the game.


The rule is if you bet first, you are the starting action. Your bet will be within a poker hand. They said that the more action a game took, the more betting it has.


It’s your place or order when betting. If you act second, you are in the second position.

Under the Gun

It’s a term to identify the first person who must do the first act on the first betting round.


It’s your action of placing your money into the pot.


It is done by placing the same bet as your previous opponent’s bet.


It’s the act of placing all your chips on the table then to the pot.


It’s an action you do when you want to give away the strength of you hand.


To not bet when it is your turn to act or bet.

Check raise:

It’s when you check if the opponents bet and see if you could raise your bet.


It’s when you play with few hands than what is normal.


It’s to bet with a weak hand to temp your opponents to fold.


This is a term used to call the first three community cards in Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

Limp In:

It’s when you enter a hand with a call before flop.

Heads Up:

It’s when you play against a single opponent only.


            It’s when you bet with a hand that is not the best but still has a chance to improve throughout the game.


You do this when you discard a hand.


You do this when you force your opponent to fold when your hand isn’t best.

Bad Beat:

It’s where you lose a hand when you think you can win before the river card.

Back Door:

It’s a draw that needs two cards that can complete a straight, flush, or full house.


To play more hands than should be played.

Drawing Dead:

Drawing to a hand that if hit, will lose to a better hand.


It’s placing a higher bet than what your opponent has already bet.


You can do this if after your opponent has raised.


It’s a card used to break ties. if you have A-5 with an ace on the board, your 5 is your kicker. If an opponent also has an ace and their kicker is higher, you lose.

Blind Bet

It is it forced bet you must make before cards are shown or given on the table.

Best of It:

When you are considered the Best of It, you are a favorite player to win.

When you already had familiarized yourself with these Poker Terms, you are sure to acquire in-depth knowledge and expertise in the game in time. With all the help of these terms which you can hear throughout multiple rounds, it would be easier for you to adjust and enter the thrilling dimension of poker and texas hold’em at w88.

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Terms You Need To Know When Playing Poker
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