Basic poker rules and how to play + Easy poker online at W88

W88 shares the basic poker rules and how to play poker online! With the easy-to-understand poker rules by W88 Malaysia, you would love to play poker online now!

3 Steps to play Poker online – W88 Texas Hold’em Poker

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Texas Hold’em Poker holds the credit to be a famous poker online from many poker game variations over the years. All global marquee competitions feature a game in this variation of online poker. This is why you can also find this on the W88 website.

Basic poker rules and how to play + Easy poker online at W88

Step 1: Go to W88

The first step to poker how to play? Go to W88! It offers the best poker, in the form of Texas Hold’em Poker, so head to this website now!

Step 2: Choose the P2P tab

Click P2P when you are on the website already. W88 P2P refers to peer-to-peer kind of games. Since Poker involves gaming with opponents, you can find Poker in this menu.

Basic poker rules and how to play + Easy poker online at W88

Step 3: Bet on to Poker now!

You have a choice to play for free or play for real at W88. You can try the free trial poker online by clicking Try Now. Whilst the real betting, click Play now and make sure to log in to play successfully.

Basic poker rules and how to play + Easy poker online at W88

See, how to play poker is just fast with W88! With that, let us proceed to poker rules easy now. Scroll on!

The easy poker rules – Basic things to know

The poker rules are basic at first sight, but as it gets on a higher-level play, learning it can become complex. No worries though! W88you is here to make the poker rules easy. We would tell you the poker rules and how to play in the simplest form possible.

Learn poker online by learning these Poker Terms!

Read these poker rules basic for an easier and simpler understanding of the game. This would be helpful if you would play poker online—especially at W88. Read on to know the poker rules now!

Basic poker rules and how to play + Easy poker online at W88

What is the game objective of Poker?

Before knowing the poker rules basic, of course, you should not forget the game objectives of poker! Applicable for both poker online and traditional, the main objective is to place the best hands in every poker game. 

Each player will be given two cards face down, and they are called the Hole Cards. Each player will keep these cards hidden from other players until the betting rounds are over.

The game begins with two community cards, then five cards placed in the middle of the table to be paired with each player’s two hole cards. To win, you must have the best cards that could beat the opponents.

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What is the Button in Poker rules?

Basic poker rules and how to play + Easy poker online at W88

The so-called button in Poker rules, whether actual or online poker, identifies the player who will act as the dealer. Yes, the Poker dealers can also be players in the game and players can also be a dealer here. 

In Texas Hold’em, the online poker in W88, the last active player nearest to the button will receive the last act of all post-flop bets during the game.

Playing Texas Hold’em online poker and in-person is different though. Everyone usually takes the role of the dealer in personal playing. Once each hand is completed, the button will rotate one position to the left

Basic poker rules and how to play + Easy poker online at W88

When playing face-to-face, pick a great dealer to manage a game. The dealer button will announce who the first players should start wagering with the small blind and big blind. This will also identify where would the dealing of the cards starts. 

The player to the left of the dealer is automatically the small blind and will receive the first card. The dealer will pitch the cards around the table still in a clockwise gesture in each player until everyone has received two cards to start the game with.

What are the Blinds in Poker rules?

Asking about poker how to play? Knowing the blind in poker rules easy. Usually, two players in the game need to post blinds or force bets before each round in order to begin the wagering. 

Basic poker rules and how to play + Easy poker online at W88

The game on both online poker or face-to-face would be dull and boring if these blinds are not present, as no players will be required to put some money in the pot. Poker rules state that blinds should be increased throughout the game if the players had also increased.

As mentioned in the button rules basic, the player who is on the left of the button will post the small blind. The player who is on her/his left post the big blind. Small blinds are half the amount of the big ones, but they can change from one round to another, or from one room to another.

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Learning the poker rules and how to play – Rounds in poker online

Basic poker rules and how to play + Easy poker online at W88

The how to play poker is just easy. For starters, you must know that every time the actual or online poker game starts—you are dealt with two-hole cards to make the best five-card hand. 

The usual poker rules say that the game operates in a clockwise rhythm around the table. So those who are on the left side of the dealer are required to start an action by posting a small and large blind to begin the betting. 

From there, other players will make the initial actions that will occur during the pre-flop, the turn, and the river until the game reaches the showdown. How to play poker would be simple. Just remember these basics.

The Pre-Flop Round

Basic poker rules and how to play + Easy poker online at W88

Based on poker rules and how to play, the pre-flop round takes place after each player receives a 2-hole card each. The first player to make an act, or move is the one on the left of the big blind. 

If you are the player, you have three options to make, such as Call, Raise or Fold. These are poker rules basic, so keep this in mind!

Poker how to play terms is simple. When you call, just make sure you match the big blind’s amount. If you make a raise, you should increase your bet. Or you can choose to fold, to end your chance of winning with your current hand.

The raise amount depends solely on the game being played, but in general poker rules, the raise should be at least twice the big blind amount. There are certain limits in taking a raise as well, depending on the poker online game and poker rules.

The Flop Round

Basic poker rules and how to play + Easy poker online at W88

After the pre-flop betting round has been completed—it’s time that the second round of betting occurs on the flop. This happens after the three community cards have been dealt with. 

From this period of the online poker game, the actions will begin with the first active player on the left of the button.  The player has the options to bet, call, fold, or raise. 

The active player on the left of the button can check if no betting action has been made before. A check, one of the poker rules basic, also means “to pass the action” to the next player in the hand. Then it goes on after from one player to another.

The Turn

Basic poker rules and how to play + Easy poker online at W88

After the flop, it’s the turn of the so-called turn card to be dealt face up after all the bets have been placed on the previous round. Yes, how to play poker does follow this process. 

After showing the card, another set of betting takes place. Again, players have the same set of options, to bet, call, fold, raise, or check. This applies to both online poker or actual. Yes, you can play poker online rounds like this at W88.

The River

Basic poker rules and how to play + Easy poker online at W88

Following the turn round, then it’s the time of the game that the river card will be shown. This is usually followed by the last betting for the round, which again the players can call, raise, fold, or check. 

The Showdown

Basic poker rules and how to play + Easy poker online at W88

After all the betting action is finished, the players with active hands into their hole cards can now reveal their card holdings. This is called the showdownby this round, the player with the best combination of five best cards wins.

So see, the poker rules and how to play rounds is fun and easy! Keep these poker rules basics to play better! Remember to bet wisely with each community card dealt in order to get the best five-card combination of victory!

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Go, get ’em, and play poker online at W88 now!

Online poker is a game anyone can master. Once you get a better grasp on these poker rules basic as a beginner—it will be easier for you to adjust and improve your poker skills. Practice and play poker online at W88 now!

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