Play Like A Pro: How to Play W88 Rock Paper Scissors

W88 allows its members to play like a pro. It is a ground of practice and pro gaming. So for this article, we will teach you how to play Rock Paper Scissors!

Play Like A Pro: How to Play W88 Rock Paper Scissors

By now, there is no doubt that W88 hosts a selection of games from live casinos to slots and sportsbooks, that is accessible and flexible to all W88 members. 

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Aside from the live casino games, W88 now offers more than arcade games, there is now a new set of games including the Fishing Master, Ladder, and Rock Paper Scissors!

Main Goal of W88 Rock Paper Scissors Game

Play Like A Pro: How to Play W88 Rock Paper Scissors

The dynamics of W88 Rock Paper Scissors is not far from the actual game itself. It consists of choosing one element among rock, paper, scissors.

The only difference is you are placing an actual bet on whatever you decide to play in before the timer rolls out. It’s quite a fast W88 game as well which means players have to be quick and precise.

3 Steps on How to Play W88 Rock Paper Scissors

The game is open to all W88 members and is just as thrilling as slot games for those looking for leisure seekers who want a quick win at a fun and easy game. 

This article will teach you the basics of how to play rock paper scissors in w88 in just three simple steps.

Step 1: Log in to your W88 Account

The game is not hard to understand, and playing immediately would be a breeze. Although, if you’re an extra cautious person, then maybe click on “Try Now” before “Play Now”. The simplicity and accessibility of the game make online gaming a breeze.

Play Like A Pro: How to Play W88 Rock Paper Scissors

But if you wanna go to the real W88 Rock Paper Scissors, register or log in to your account. Then, go to the Games tab. And Click on the Rock Paper Scissor game.

Step 2: Select Your Preferred Betting Range

Once you have entered the game, players must choose their preferred betting limit. 

Usually, for beginners, the best option is to place small wagers. For this tutorial, select the minimum betting limit of 50-2,500 to be on the safe side.

Once you have chosen how much you bet and which hand you bet on, click “Confirm” and wait for the confirmation to appear to proceed.

Play Like A Pro: How to Play W88 Rock Paper Scissors

Step 3: Start Betting and Place Wagers as Quickly as Possible

The layout of the game is clear and straight to the point, giving members a faster time to place their bets without second-guessing themselves. Choose rock, paper, scissors. And remember:

  • Rock beats scissors
  • Scissors beats paper and
  • Paper beats rock

Play Like A Pro: How to Play W88 Rock Paper Scissors

The rules and mechanics are rather direct, which does not only provide the players with ease and interactive fun but an engaging gaming experience at that. 

Wait for the draw to come up and observe whether you won or lost your bet by monitoring your betting balance on the upper part right corner of your screen.

Note that W88 hosts games from easy and intermediate levels to advance levels which all members are open play, too. W88 register today and experience online gaming like no other!

Play Like A Pro: How to Play W88 Rock Paper Scissors

Fun Arcade Games at W88

Rock Paper Scissors in W88 Games is a no-brainer. The dynamics of the game are simple; the only challenge is to be able to make quick decisions as you place strategic bets. When it comes to leisure and entertainment, W88 has an edge with its multiple arcade games at its disposal.

What are you waiting for? Register at W88 and start playing Rock Paper Scissors now!

> Tutorial Video on How to Play Rock Paper Scissors in W88 Games

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