Play like a Pro: How to Play Lucky Derby at W88

Lucky Derby is one of the newest installments at w88 lottery games and is another great game to try your luck in. This brand-new game gives players a chance to test their luck in through high-quality graphics in a horse racing setting. The objective and the rules of the game are rather simple and direct to the point.

Lucky Derby is an arcade-style horse racing game with each race featuring six horses where players are tasked to place wagers depending on the quinella combination. A quinella combination is a pair of horses where the player wins if the two horses finish first and second in either order. Players should also note that at any given moment during the race, a bonus stallion may appear in which the winning outcome will be doubled if the bonus stallion number appears on the winning quinella result.

3 Steps on How to Play Lucky Derby at W88 Lottery Games

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STEP 1: Select Lottery on the menu bar and click Lucky Derby

Members and avid lottery players must select Lottery then select “Lucky Derby.” Choose whether you wish to play on trial mode or play with real money.

STEP 2: Select your preferred buy-in amount

Players must then wait for the game to load and select which preferred buy-in amount they wish to stay on for this round.

STEP 3: Wait for the current draw to end and start placing your bets

Draws consistently take place with no pauses so players should be keen and patient before they start betting and placing wagers in.

Note that placing bets on quinella 1-8 will mean an odd of 500 with a stake of $10. Players may win $10,000 with a $10 stake made up of 500 odds doubled. Familiarizing yourself with the winning quinella combinations is a great way to master Lucky Derby as presented in the table below. After placing your bets, make sure to confirm and wait for the draw results before placing new bets.

Lucky Derby Lotto Game at W88

Lottery games at w88 are simple, quick, and easy to learn, giving players the leeway to bet on their favorite games of choosing. W88 tutorials are also accessible to all members to further understand the process of placing wagers in live casino games, slot games, lottery games, and sportsbooks with superb video tutorials for guidance. Placing wagers on Lucky Derby at w88 lottery is a sure-fire way of getting that quick win and gaming fix in just a tap of a button.

Video Tutorial on How to Play Lucky Derby at W88

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