North Korea loses to South Korea 1-0 in the East Asian Football Championship

South Korea wins the East Asian Football Championship against North Korea in a final score of 1-0. It was in the 64th minute of the game where North Korean defense player Ri Yong Chol was able to score an own-goal pulling through for the South Korean team. This event took place at the Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo, Japan.

The North Korean and South Korean national anthems were respectfully observed throughout the welcoming ceremony despite the growing tension between the two nations. North Korea’s missile tests have continued to make controversy in the global community; not to mention the ongoing military exercises conducted by South Korea and the United States in the recent months.

Rigid Relations between Japan and North Korea

The coach of the North Korean team, Jorn Andersen made a statement expressing the specialness of the game for the team.

“I think in the first 30 minutes they were a little bit nervous, they were not as free as in the game against Japan.”

North Korea lost to Japan in its opening match with a score of 1-0. “We played a very good first game, but we don’t have as many good players as Japan or South Korea or China,” according to Andersen.

Since there has been an imposed sanction against Pyongyang, a ban has been placed by Japan towards North Korean nationals. With the purposes of the athletic event, special visas were given to the players at the Japanese embassy in Beijing.

Japan, China, North Korea and South Korea will be taking part in the round-robin championship ending on December 16, 2017. Japan and South Korea will be facing off for the title, as China and North Korea battle the championship out.

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North Korea loses to South Korea 1-0 in the East Asian Football Championship
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