A New Player’s Guide to Online Slots: Understanding the Basics

W88 has various games that you can play conveniently including slot games. Before video or online games became a thing, the classic slot machine was the popular go-to gambling game. All the mechanics entailed is for players to choose 3 identical symbols aligned in the middle. Online or video slots have become more accessible to players from their homes with just a click on their computers.

Classic Slots vs. Video Slots

Video slots present more variety in its pay lines in comparison to the classic slot machine. Video slots commonly have 5 reels and when a win is accumulated, it need not appear in the middle row. Wins can be collected in the top or bottom row, diagonally or even in a zigzag pattern. Locations of winning streaks in video slots may alter from one slot to another.

Pay Lines

The possibility of winning with different pay line patterns are definitely higher in contrast to the classic slot machine. Pay lines in video slots usually have 9 to 30 winning lines termed as Pay Lines.

Guide to Online Slots

The pay line above are made up of 25 different variations. This gives the player the chance to win 25 times per spin. The player accumulates a win by getting at least one of the 25 pay lines. There is no need for the symbols to be beside each other or in any exact place along the Pay Line to win.

“How do I know how much pay lines to bet on?”

There are 25 pay lines which mean per spin, the player may win in 25 different ways. The payer must be able to decide the number of pay lines they wish to bet. The following are the do’s and don’ts when placing bets on pay lines.

  • The player can only bet on 3 lines or 18.
  • The player can choose any number from 1-25.
  • The player can only select the number and not the lines in which they wish to place their bet.

Guide to Online Slots

“Will I have a higher chance of winning if I bet on more pay lines?”

There’s no exact answer to this question since people’s preferences vary when betting.  A common strategy used by some players is by placing a bet on the maximum number of pay lines. Every spin requires the player to bet a higher amount of money, thus such betting strategy does not always apply best.

There are other players who prefer betting on just one pay line per spin, due to the fact that every line is dependent on the win or lose equation. Ultimately, the choice is up to the player on how much they would like to bet, either way, the game of chance still applies.

“Why is winning with only two identical symbols counted rather than winning with three?”

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols vary from several shapes and size found in every slot, each with its own custom design. Wilds are basically any other symbol in the game. The player has a chance of scoring a wild with 2 identical symbols if they encounter a wild symbol in the pay line. Another possible win is to get one spade two wilds.

Scatter Symbols

These symbols may bring players varying results throughout the game. Coin prizes, free spins, and bonus rounds are some of which the player will be able to get. Prizes are won by having hold of 3 or more Scatters anywhere on the reels. A specific location or sequence is not necessary, just as long as the player gains at least 3 Scatters.

Guide to Online Slots

Note: When Scatter symbols appear on the screen, they are automatically counted. There is no need for them to land on a specific pay line to count.

The Multiplier

The Multiplier takes place when the player is able to activate a Scatter, their win is either doubled or tripled. Scatter gives the player an advantage by doubling or tripling their total winnings from the whole round. One thing to keep in mind is that Wilds cannot replace Scatters.

Placing Bets

Deliberate how much to bet. Keep in mind that the higher the be, the higher the reward. Since each slot contains a minimum and maximum amount of points to bet. The player has the option of betting half a coin on every spin or even 50 coins, just as long as it ranges from 0.5 to 100 coins. Coins are the game’s general currency but is equivalent to whatever the currency of the player’s host country and with no applied exchange rates.

Guide to Online Slots

Making a decision regarding how many pay lines aimed for betting is the next step. The player must remember that a specific bet amount is corresponding to a single pay line. Plenty of slot games online give the player the final call on how many pay lines to play. The player will then need to multiply it to the bet amount, which only proves that the higher the risks taken, the higher the rewards to gain.

Once the player is ready, they will just need to take control of the “Auto Play” and “Max Bet” buttons to proceed with the game.

Guide to Online Slots

Return to Player (RTP)

This is usually generated per machine and per session, done in the due course. RTP is basically a part of the wagered money that is given back to the player. So, a machine that holds 90% RTP gives the player a chance to get back 90% of the money they bet.

It is crucial for the player to know where the RTP is on their screen and that is doable by clicking “i” or “?”. RTP in video or online slots are of much higher value than of those in actual casinos.

  • Online/Video Slots: 90-95%
  • Casino Slots: 70-80%

Hit Frequency

The proportion of times when a slot machine will land on a winning combination is what we call a Hit Frequency. (Example: Hit Frequency: 25% à 1:4)

It is important to keep in mind that the hit frequency may fluctuate immensely from 10 to 30% in online slots. The player’s total winnings have no guarantee of upsurging since it will depend on the size of the win and the RTP for estimation.

Guide to Online Slots

When playing online slot games, manipulating the controls and learning the basics is simple. Going through the whole website of the game gives the player the opportunity to explore the parameters between spins, the process of raising and lowering a bet, adding and reducing pay lines among others. This paves a way for new players especially, to discover what combinations and strategies work best.

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