Learn How to Play Roulette in Three Easy Steps

It is no doubt that roulette, whether American or European have a strong presence in casinos. The game is popular among many casino goers and serious gamblers. Although the mechanics are rather simple, the odds are never 100% in your favor. The game of risk being the most exciting thing aside from winning big is what continues to lure players in roulette tables across several casinos in the world.

Playing w88 roulette also boasts the advantage of the game’s flexibility when it comes to wagers. The wide variety of ways in roulette is what makes roulette attractive to many live and online players. From inside bets, split and street bets, to the corner and outside bets, the possibilities are endless. This article will show you how to get from ground zero to playing roulette like a pro in a matter of minutes.

Accessing and Playing W88 Roulette in 3 Steps

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STEP 1: Select Live Casino and Club of Preference

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The initial step upon arriving at the home page is to click the tab Live Casino in the menu bar. Select your preferred club to play in and click to proceed. In this case, select club Massimo to access Roulette.

STEP 2: Choose Your Prefered Betting Range and Roulette Table

How to play roulette in W88 2

Once you are redirected to the main page of Club Massimo, select and click roulette. The available tables will then appear with the corresponding dealer, a number of rounds and players. Select the table you wish to play in and click to proceed.

STEP 3: Place Your Bets and Start Playing Online Roulette at W88

How to play roulette in W88 5

Upon playing, you may place your bets anywhere on the table. You will be given 10 seconds to place and confirm your bets. The dealer will also announce when bets won’t be accepted upon the sign appearing on screen.

How to play roulette in W88 7

After the roulette wheel spins and the ball lands on a number, the dealer will announce the corresponding numbers or areas which won. The winning number or area will be highlighted and pinned afterward.

Go for the Gold: Online Roulette at W88

These are the fundamentals of a premium leisure experience which you can access at W88 mobile. W88 has a series of live casino games accessible to all new and old members alike. Roulette is just one of them, so unlock your potential at gaming and see how W88 can serve you right!

>> Tutorial video on how to play roulette at W88

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