Play like a Pro: How to Download and Play Texas Hold’em in the W88 Poker App

The game of poker is either a make it or break it moment most players face. It’s a game of ultimate risk and strategy. Playing poker live in an actual casino can be quite intimidating and even frustrating at times. You are playing with actual players who are either professional players or casino goers playing for sport. The hardest part is knowing how they would play the cards that they are dealt with.

Playing online poker at W88 helps you defeat that inhibition. You play from the comfort of your own home and will not have to see your opponents’ poker face. The most you will be able to see is their username throughout the game. The W88 Poker app gives you automatic gameplay and immediate withdrawal options among others.

Give W88 live a shot and experience online Poker gaming on a whole new level. The following will show you how to maneuver your way into the W88 Poker app.

3 Steps To Follow When Downloading the W88 Poker App

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STEP 1: Select Poker on the Menu Bar and Download the Poker App for Your Corresponding Computer

The initial step would be to go to the W88 website and to click “Poker” on the menu bar.

Play like a Pro How to Access and Play Poker at W88 1

You will then be directed to the Poker page where you can download W88’s Poker app through PC, MAC, Android or IOS download depending on your corresponding software.

Play like a Pro How to Access and Play Poker at W88 2

In this case, let’s assume you are a PC user, so select “PC download” and wait for the download to finish.

Play like a Pro How to Access and Play Poker at W88 3

STEP 2: Sign into Your W88 Account

Once the download has finished, the first thing you look for is the “Login” button. The login button is located on the right side of the app page. Click to proceed with filling in your W88 account’s username and password.

Play like a Pro How to Access and Play Poker at W88 4.1

STEP3: Choose Your Table of Preference and Start Betting

On the menu bar, click on the tab that says Hold’em. The following tables will show in list form. Select your preferred table of choice to proceed.

A new window will open where the main poker table selected will appear. On the top part of the page, your first opponent is seated. Right beside the seat is the option to “Add Table.” On the right side of the page, you may also “Add Chips” as an option to consider throughout the game.

Below this button is where your second opponent is seated. You are seated on the center in the bottom of the page. The bottom part of the page will also show you the settings which you can manage throughout the game.

Clicking on your seat will reveal your hand. This will help you see what cards you are going to strategize with in order to win.

Play like a Pro How to Access and Play Poker at W88 7

Once you are decided with your hand, several options will appear to the right of your hand. You may either Fold, Call, or Raise the amount you placed for the bet.

Play like a Pro How to Access and Play Poker at W88 9

Superb Accessibility and Variety in Game Availability

Playing Poker in a live casino is unnecessary with W88’s very own poker app. All you have to do is to download it on your PC, tablet, or even smartphone. It will give you easy access to the best of the best Poker has to offer. From Texas Hold’em to Omaha, you are all in for a treat.

The ease of use and management of payout and table settings is viewable just within the app itself. No need to visit an alternative website to access customer support since its available in just a click in the app itself. Try your luck at W88’s Poker tables and see how far it’ll get you and your winning streak.

> Tutorial video how to download and play poker by using the W88 app on the desktop

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