A Closer Check on Dices: How Do Casinos Check Them?

Dices alone are not just the little boxes you roll up the table to determine numbers. They also roll your chance of winning a live casino game. These little boxes had a lot to do with your number’s odd and even figures I am increasing your winning probability in a game. With the dice’s essential role in every casino in the world, it’s not a new thing that players tried over the years to turn the odds in their favor to win through the dice, on the dice table.

How cheating occurs in Dices

A dice’s face and controls its land on the table. The lighter side will turn face up, while the heavier one, will turn upside down. This is where cheaters come up with the idea that it is possible to cheat their victory with the dice itself.  One may add marks or dots or add an extra metal strip to make the dice face downward—just to make their favored number face the sky.

This is why every casino needs to follow rules implemented by New Jersey Casino Control Mission in Atlantic City—when it comes to matters concerning the role of dices in casino game plays. The commission strictly implements that all dices should be locked until the tables are open.

Who inspects the Dices?

There are two trusted individuals who examine the dices. The “Pitt Boss” and the “Box Person”.

The “Pitt Boss” will be the one to hand over the dice/s to a “Box Person”, who will then do the Dice Inspection.

The inspection will start first from a visual checking. The inspector will check if the dice have the casino’s name, logo, and even its serial number. The Box Person will also check if all the Dice’s side is equal to seven. He will also check if it has a visible damage, extra dots, or marks possible for cheating.


If the dice has been proven untouched and had passed the first preliminary testing, the Box Person will again put it to a test for one last time.

He will use certain tools like an electronic micrometer to measure if each dice’s side is correct. He will also insert the dice in a balancing caliper to make certain that all sides are all fair in weight. And lastly, he will use a steel set square to make sure each corner and edges are square. He also will use a simple magnet to see if any attached metal is hidden within the dice’s surface.

Roll those Dices the Right Way

W88 has so much to cater in terms of casino games. But this game is promising and tricky at the same time—no wonder players will do cheating efforts to just win. Unlike slots, Dices are not limited to such cheating gestures. So, the next time you play in a casino, be aware of little details involved in a game, as you can be the victim of such foolish cheating acts.

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A Closer Check on Dices: How Do Casinos Check Them?
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