How Does the RNG Come to Play in Keno?

kenorng2 Keno, like other draw and lottery games in w88, is highly dependent on chance. Bettors choose the “Spots” or numbers they believe are potential winners. The numbers range from 1-80 along with clusters of number variations from big and small, to even and odd, among others. Make sure you understand the role Random Number Generators […] Continue reading →

The Advantages of Playing Keno Online

proskeno4 Most amateur gamblers tend to think that Keno is just another draw game like lotto where you just have to choose a bunch of numbers and wait if they qualify with the draw. This notion is plausibly true and false because even if it is somewhat similar to lotto, the variations of betting can differ […] Continue reading →

Play like a Pro: How to Play Tien Len on W88

New promotions and games at w88 are always fun to come across. With a series of interactive and engaging games w88 releases every month, more opportunities to win fast cash and quick wins is not impossible. W88 P2P Games recently put up a new card game online called Tien Len. Experience a new card game […] Continue reading →