Celebrities Fail at 5 Second Game with Ellen

When it comes to making people laugh and challenging games, Ellen De Generes is the person responsible. In her daytime talk show, Ellen hosts a short segment game called Five Second Rule where she challenges her guests to answer questions in just five seconds. Below you’ll see a great compilation of celebrities failing to win […] Continue reading →

10 Memes that Depict the Perils of Rejection

Rejection is a common experience for many people and it’s never really a pleasant one at that. Usually, being rejected by a person or an institution has the tendency to take a toll on their emotional stance. It’s not easy witnessing or experiencing rejection because it makes people doubt their worth as individuals, especially for […] Continue reading →

12 Memes that Depict the Reality of Traveling

Travel is a privilege not a lot of people have, whether it’s for work or for pleasure, traveling has a lot of possibilities. Aside from the pros, there are also cons to traveling from one place to another. Vacations and trips all involve three of the same things; packing, flying, and getting lost. These three […] Continue reading →

12 Celebrities Edited with No Eye Brows

The last few years have proven that eyebrows are the most notorious part of defining one’s face. The eyebrow trend has changed throughout time, from pencil thin brows to bushy brows. Eyebrows do a great deal for the symmetry of our faces and help in shaping our faces a certain way. Imagine the most renowned […] Continue reading →