10 Dog Memes to Get You through the Day

dog memes 2 The most loyal companions are given to no other creature on the planet but to dogs. Dogs make the best pets because of their high energy, infectious habits, protective instincts and of course, their loyalty to their owners.More often than not, people are accustomed to the notion that says dogs are everything good but smart. […] Continue reading →

10 Metaphors Applicable to Your Life

ridiculous5 There is a great deal of familiarity when it comes to ironic things we see and encounter in everyday life which may even resemble to our own. Most of the time, it can be seen on the streets anda at the most random times which are usually ironic, hilarious, and witty at the same time. […] Continue reading →

15 Victoria’s Secret Models that Never Fail to Please

Every year, the biggest lingerie brand in the world, Victoria’s Secret hosts a worldwide televised fashion show. What makes Victoria’s Secret unique in its element are their models. Victoria’s Secret Angels come from different parts of the world. They are a brand that pioneers diversity and cultural pride in mainstream media. Not only do they […] Continue reading →

11 Most Bizarre Tattoos on the Internet Right Now

The Most Bizarre Tattoos 3 Tattoos are essentially known to be a form of self-expression and usually entails some sort of artistic meaning. There are also some negative connotations related to getting tattoos. Some people may perceive it to be dirty or even a hindrance to blood health. There are definitely many opinions people tend to have when it comes […] Continue reading →

Strange Laws Around the World

8 Strange Laws Around the World There is no doubt that no one is above the law. This even applies to laws that come out quite strict, abrupt or even absurd in some circumstances. The following are laws that actually exist in several parts of the world. Although they mean well and have good intentions for the people, it’s hard not […] Continue reading →

Proof that Photoshop Can Indeed Make Miracles

photoshopeffects1 One of the greatest inventions of the modern technological world will have to be Adobe Photoshop. One way or another, everyone has been subjected to Photoshop. Either, your photos were airbrushed or you yourself possess certain Photoshop skills you’ve used on certain people’s images. The subject of the photo usually doesn’t matter; Photoshop can modify […] Continue reading →

Road Signs that will Make You Question Life

The main purpose of road signs is to guide people driving or walking on the street. Typically, they are also held up and displayed on the road to help prevent accidents from happening. Although, there are a few bizarre road signs in different places in the world that may tend to confuse people rather than […] Continue reading →

The Reality Behind Every Great Shot

haha 3 There is more than meets the eye they say. Beautiful images always come with a price after every perfect shot. It usually takes several shots before photographers get the best one. Some shots may even require models and subjects to take a risk. The following will prove such a statement. 10 Before and After Shots […] Continue reading →

Lovi Poe: Hottest Woman in Philippine Show Business

lovipoe4 The Philippines is crawling with beautiful women everywhere. In Philippine show business, several gorgeous ladies are consistently making a mark in the industry. One of these icons includes Lovi Poe. She is the daughter of the late and renowned Filipino action star, Fernando Poe Jr. who also ran for the Philippine presidential seat in the […] Continue reading →

Adorable Old Couple and the Coin-Bottle Prank

Adorable Old Couple and the Coin - Bottle Prank The idea of growing old with your spouse is usually a romantic idea to many people, especially the youth. There are many hurdles couples who grow old together go through before establishing a strong foundation and lasting years together. This doesn’t just magically happen, their spark, their love and their relationship change over time but […] Continue reading →