Blackjack 21 Basics: Know the Secret to Beating the Dealer

People call it the “Black Jack”, while others like to call it “Twenty-One”. Whatever and however people like to name this popular game, there’s no denying that the main objective of the game relies on its origin. It has always been a big part of gambling. Black Jack completely means to “Beat the Dealer!”

Blackjack in w88 is usually played with one (1) to eight (8) deck of cards. To shuffle them well throughout the game, most casinos use a shuffling machine. There are two levels of the game that needs a thorough shuffling of cards:

One, with the Single and Double Deck Game. It’s where the dealer takes over the cards and deal them to players.

The second one is the Multi-Deck Games, where cards are placed in a tray box they called the “Shoe.” It’s an essential casino tool that both shuffles and holds the cards.

In hand-held games, cards are given face down, and the players are free to pick them up. While in the shoe game cards are shown to the players, but they cannot touch it.

Main Objective

The main goal of the Blackjack is to beat the dealer to 21. The player’s hand must be higher than their cards without exceeding 2.  Once your hand or his hand go past the 21-card combination, you “Bust” which equates to an automatic loss.

Card Values

2-10 card value is counted as they are. All face cards, like King, Queen, Jack are counted 10. Like if a king is paired with five would equal to 15. A queen paired with 2 is 21. The ace is counted as both one or eleven. But if the ace is missing in the player’s hand, it’s called a Hard hand. It only has one value. The hand that has an Ace is called a Soft Hand mainly because its value can change.

If you draw a card with a Soft Hand, and the card combination resulted is over 21, it becomes a hard hand.

The Black Jack Table

The table used in the game is typically semi-circle. It is divided into separate circles or squares for each play. Before joining the game, it is a must to avail chips from the dealer, if you don’t haven’t won anything from your previous game. Then you bet on those circles, and after all the bets are made—the game can start.

Each player in the game is given with two cards facing up. The dealer will have a one card face up and one card face down—the one card face down will serve as a hole card. After the cards are all settled, it is now decision time. The player who is on the left of the dealer will make the first act. The position is called the First Base, while the last person who will make a move will be called the Third Base.

Your best move or decision will depend on the dealer’s shown cards and the cards that you were given. You need to make a hand signal to let others know what your decision will be.  Just keep in mind that in a game dealt from a “shoe”, you can’t touch the cards.

Black Jack Terms 

If you or the dealer is dealt with an Ace and a Ten Value Card, you’ll have a 21—you’ll have a Black Jack, a natural win. If you get a Black Jack you will be rewarded 3 to 2 with your original bet if the dealer didn’t have a natural 21. But if you both do, it’s called a Push. You and the Dealer are Tie. But if the dealer has a Black Jack—all players will automatically lose.


If you like to draw another card to add to your cards in hand, you will take a hit. All you need to do is signal the dealer by tapping the table in front of you. It’s that simple.


If you are content with both of your first two cards after hitting, you can signal the dealer to Stand. You just need to wave your hand at the top of your cards.

Double Down

You do this if you like to double your bet after you are given your first two cards. You will only be given one card on your hands. Some casinos allow you to double down, but some limits you when your cards are a total of ten or eleven. You only need to double if you think it will increase your card’s chance of being 21.


If you are dealt with a pair with the same card rank (for example two Kings), you can split these cards into two different hands. Only, you must add an additional bet on your original bet. You can signal the dealer if you want to, and the dealer will do the request for you. You now have two hands in the round, and you will be given one card to pair with your first split card. Then, you decide to Hit or Stand on your first card combination. You will do the same with your split cards. Pretty much simple, this is a great alternative technique to win that 21 Blackjack.


You will be offered an insurance if the dealer’s up card is an ace. You wager half of your original bet for a side bet if the dealer has a ten in the hole. This is what insurance is all about. You bet for an insurance if you think the dealer has a ten in a hole, so if you lose your original bet you can still win in the insurance.


There are cases that you are not going well with the game.  so you decided to surrender. Upon surrendering, you must give up half of your bet on your first two cards, after the dealer checks for a blackjack.

There are a lot of mentioned move and decision you must make throughout the game. To skillfully apply these techniques, you must acquire the knowledge even of a simple strategy. Here are some of the basic strategies you should bear in mind to keep on winning.

Stiff Hand: This means that your card has a 12-16 total value. If the dealer’s up card is a 2-6, it’s also a Stiff Hand for him.

Pat Hand: You have  a17 or better card value, you also have Pat Hand and you can Stand. If the dealer shows a 7-Ace, it is also a Pat Hand.

If you and the dealer both have a Stiff Hand, you Stand.

If you and the dealer both have a Pat Hand, you Hit.

Learning the Blackjack Basics

Learning these basic strategies is good, but learning the whole concept of the game is much better. With practice and proper play with the card values, you are sure to enhance your casino skills in no time.

See Blackjack gaming tutorial in video form here:

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