3 Variations of Baccarat New Players Should Know

It is not a foreign concept that Baccarat is popular throughout casinos across the globe. In w88, there are several alternatives to the game itself, which include American baccarat and European baccarat among others. One thing binding all variations is the main objective of the game, which is to acquire a hand closest to nine.

3 Variations of Baccarat

 Mini Baccarat




  • Quite like American Baccarat commonly played in North America
  • Uses small betting tables, quite comparable to the blackjack table
  • A maximum of 7 players can bet
  • Only one croupier present in the table
  • American Baccarat: 3 croupiers
  • Played on the floor with other players
  • Players can ace a much lesser amount of bet placed which is roughly the same equivalent to $5.00.

European Baccarat



  • Players can choose between the drawing or the standing
  • Bankers play baccarat based on the American version’s rules
  • Upon selecting the draw, the game is facilitated by the Banker
  • Casinos fund the casino
  • Players cannot place bets more than the fund
  • Players can call out the dealer by yelling ‘Banco’ if they wish to place the total amount to be funded by the banker’s bet.
  • Other bets will not be taken for the same round



Chemin de Fer


  • A famous casino variant of baccarat usually played in France
  • Banker or Player must remain bare, for players cannot place bets on them.
  • Banker’s role rotates counterclockwise around the baccarat table
  • All participants are automatic players
  • Players who do not want to play as banker may pass
  • The shoe will move towards the person to the right
  • Players may wager their money among themselves
  • The casino is indirectly participating in the whole process of betting
  • Only one croupier throughout the whole game
  • Croupier must ensure players are playing fairly
  • Croupier must observe the commission on hand upon the bank’s win

The Flexibility of the Game

These three variations of baccarat all either have big or small modifications in contrast to American Baccarat. All three games vary in popularity and difficulty level, but one thing’s for sure, and that is the need for players to get the best of the best quality gaming experience. The games all function within fluctuating bets and among players from all around the globe, making the game of baccarat a classic one up to date.

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